Friday, May 29, 2009

Tough Going in Tulsa

The Arkansas River!

At least this trip did not start off like Speedweek with an 8 hour flight. And, our bikes made it as well. We are staying with Brent again this year in his amazing house and living in the lap of luxury. It is also really cool because the entire team can stay in one house. Thursday night Brent treated us to the most amazing diner at “The Local Table” where of course I had a steak, very rare. Would have loved to have had a bourbon with it but no way with 3 days of racing ahead.

Liz always looking for the "cross" experience.

X explaining how to move my seat, funny!

Friday we all slept in a little, built our bikes and then Brent took us on a great ride on the Riverwalk Trail to Turkey Mt. and back home. The weather was beautiful in Tulsa warm but not too hot with a slight breeze. It was great to be back with all of my “teamies” and hang out. Back home to shower up and head to Whole Foods for another round of shopping. Racing is all about riding, eating and sleeping, nothing else. Thank goodness though for Whole Paycheck as I like to all it so I could get my goat yogurt.

The brawn of VK!

Love this photo, Liz on the crackberry while Mel and Brent fix her flat. LOL!

At 5:30pm we headed downtown for the first race. It is a figure 8 course with nice wide streets. Downtown Tulsa is coming along as they are renovating it and the pavement was so much nicer than last year. VK was riding a good race and being very attentive to attacks. I was feeling good (finally!) and did my rotation on the front making sure nothing got away that we were not in. During the race there were several crashes which I could not understand with such wide roads. Teammates were going down right and left but luckily were getting back in the race. Awful to see. With 12 laps to go there was a big crash on the last turn and the next time around I noticed there was a VK rider on the ground and not moving. Ugh! She was there several laps and I kept trying to figure out who it was. It is the hardest thing to keep racing when you see one of your own on the ground and not getting up. It turns out Melissa went down and the rider on the ground was Virginia. We tried to make something of the end but I have to admit my nerves of steel had softened to liquid form. The girls in the race were all over the place and it was one of the sketchiest races I have done. Out of our team of 7 only 3 of us stayed up. Not a good ratio. It turns out Melissa will need stitches and it looks like Virginia has a broken collarbone though we are unsure as the hospital is busy tonight (go figure) and the girls are not home yet and as I write this it is 11:14pm Tulsa time. Leigh and Melodie are banged up and have road rash but doing okay.

Liz sporting her Sammy Hagar hair - just awesome!

Thank goodness for X’s cooking earlier in the day as we came home to warm pasta and a salad. We sent Dave off to the hospital with clothes for the girls and food.

Tomorrow is another day and I am hoping a much safer race. I am bummed at my lack of mental fortitude as I finally feel like my old self on the bike. When will my head and body meet up this year? I am off to bed hoping that we will hear good news about Virginia. This definitely deserves a big “Cheese and Rice!” And yes Robin, we did get fisted this evening!

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Cheese and Rice! I hope everyone is okay.