Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Georgia 2009

Leigh at the Java Monkey --classic looking

The trip got off to an interesting start with me bagging all of my food Wed. evening for the termite fumigation on Fri. After working Thurs morning, Jenny X and I headed off to the flyaway to LAX. Our flight had a crazy ending as the air tower in Atlanta was struck by lightening which caused a fire. We circled for quite a bit of time then had to land in Huntsville, AL to refuel and did not land in Atlanta until 1am. So our 3 hour 45minute flight turned into 8 hours. We did luck out and get food at the Majestic Diner where there was a diverse mix of interesting people at 2am and I got my southern grits!

A wake up call from Jeff at 10:30am felt like 5am. The four of us, Virginia, Melissa, X and I managed to get up and get in our kits to meet Liz and Leigh for a quick spin. We went to Avondale Lake and ended up at one of my favorite places the java Monkey for a cup of joe. Back to the hotel for a shower and then hit the road to Athens.

Our new Spinergy carbon wheels and Kenda tires. Hot looking!

We went to a Vanderkitten party this evening at Hub Bikes, the bike shop who built our race bikes (thanks guys, awesome job!) and meet some locals and signed autographs. It is odd to feel like a rock star but great to talk to fellow cycling enthusiasts. Tomorrow we will do the shop ride at 9am and then in the evening is the Athens Twilight race. I love this race because of the crowd and I am also nervous as I want to do well.

The kids Vanderkitten artwork.

Signing off now but check back for race updates as the week progresses.

Typical Jenn X

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have a blast, sistah. stay focused, stay relaxed, don't hesitate one second.