Monday, April 27, 2009

Update - Athens Twilight, Roswell and travelling

Laura on the attack

Saturday 4-25-09 Southeast

On Saturday morning we did the Hub Bicycle ride with the guys from Storck. We did this great loop through some great countryside (did not bring my camera!) and I meet some really cool people. After that it was back to Travelodge where we had one room to hang out it for the remainder of the afternoon until Athens Twilight at 7:45pm. It was great to hang out with the entire team even though the room was less than desirable and also to have Dave and Mark with us. At 6pm we suited up and were out the door to ride to the race. We had our primo spot again on turn two and the Storck guys hooked me up with a tune up on my bike as my cables were stretching (typical of a new bike). We also meet Steve Hawley and his wife Jan (more sponsors) which was fantastic.

Down to business. As is usual of Athens you line up to start the crit about 30 minutes before it actually starts as placement is everything. Even though I was ready early I ended up starting in the second to last row but the good news is that I got a call up for getting third there last year and for being 2nd overall in the USA Crit series last year. Thank god for that! It was game on right from the start and the pace was wicked fast. For the entire 40 laps we did an average of 26 mph. Last years race was not nearly as fast. Tibco was very active on the front attacking but nothing was getting more than 11 seconds ahead of the main field. And, as usual at Athens there were plenty of crashes to keep the drunken crowds entertained. Luckily all but one was behind me. The one that was right to my left happened as I found out later because a spectator jumped over the barrier and a rider hit him. All I saw was a rider up in the air. Crazy stuff. VK did a great job of keeping things under control and was very attentive to the race. It was great to feel all of my teamies around. With 5 laps to go Melissa and I were sitting in pretty good position for the field sprint. With just about 2 laps to go there was a crash directly behind me and Melissa went down. The pace was furious and I was doing all I could to fight for my position. Girls were leaning on my in the turns and it was all bumping and shoving. With ½ a lap to go my legs gave out and I gapped off the front group. Ugh – frustrating. I ended up 16th. The other VK girls finished well and we had a couple more in the money. Melissa ended up being generally okay with just the typical road rash and soreness that occurs after hitting the pavement.

We had a rough drive home after a meal at Applebee’s. Poor Laura started to feel sick and we spent our drive home pulling over for her. Our hearts went out to her. And then, after pulling over on the highway we thought Ludo the pug got out of the car but luckily we found him climbing out from under a seat in the mini van. What an evening. We finally made it back to Decatur and to bed by 2am.

The Lizzer killing it

Wheels finishing Athens

Sunday 4/26/09 - Roswell

Our hot looking support vehicle - Rockin'

Usually we would have gotten up and gone on a morning spin but we all opted to sleep in and hopefully recuperate from the past two days. Our Storck van met us at Roswell which was awesome. We got there in plenty of time to do a really good warm up on the road and get the cobwebs out. The sun was out and the temperature up. The race was hard again from the start and Tibco was launching attacks. VK rode a really good race and covered a lot but in the end a break went up the road and we were not in it. We chased as best we could but never got it back. It was a rough day for us and for me especially. For some reason my lower back started to spasm again and there was not a lot of power coming from my legs. Frustrating! Hopefully after Mondays rest/travel day I will feel better and with a couple of more adjustments on my awesome Storck bike.

After the race we ate BBQ at Swallow in the Hallow in Roswell. Pretty good BBQ but I miss Fox Bros in Decatur. It was great though to hand with the VK girls and Liz’s parents.

Pre race madness

Monday 4/27/09

Our hot Zero Gravity VK brakes.

Travel day – always on the move. We were able to sleep in a bit Andy and the Strock van meet us at 10am for a ride. We did a great 1 ½ hour loop through the suburbs of Atlanta and then had lunch at the Java Monkey. Legs felt much better today and I raised my seat which seemed to help my back. I think I am ready to rock it tomorrow night in Beaufort, SC.


Stay posted. I will try and keep the blog up to date between traveling, racing and running the studio. However, while writing this blog we are just now getting pulled over for speeding, ouch. It has been a wild trip. We are now driving to jail to bail Jenn X out. Apparently being out of state she can't be written a ticket but needs to go to jail so we can pay the ticket and then will be let to go. Will update the blog with more photos in a bit..

On the ride around Decatur with Steve (Liz's dad) and Andy from Storck

Hopkins on his cruiser on our way to the Java Monkey

Okay we survived the Macon County prison after I had to take the van and get some cash from an ATM at a Shell station to get X out. Apparently they only take cash. Crazy stuff. While leaving the jail we were serenaded by the prisoners tapping on the windows.

Getting X outta jail - jail house rock baby

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